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Documentation from mini-residency at APO33 14-28.01.2016


Notes from presentation of 19.01.2016


Earth Peel workshop, APO33 Nantes, France 21-22.01.2016

The workshop introduced a basic technique originally used by geo-archaeologists and soil scientists for the study of local earth stratigraphies. The technique traditionally allows for the preservation of selected earth profiles to exhibit their micro-macro interrelations and interactions between diverse soil components at various levels of organization.

In the workshop participants learnt how to make their own earth peels by applying a reinforced latex lining to the exposed earth face and then peeling it at a later date. The process is very open to détournement through additional embeddings/interventions, including electronic.


Opening night performance 28.01.2016; Installation 28.01 - 21.02.2016

The simple performance/installation apparatus with two earth slices is based around 19 C telegraph circuit technology where the earth was used as the ground while the signal was sent along the telegraph wire. The apparatus simply inverts this to use each earth slice to carry signals which, because of the multiple pathways between the sender and receiver, allows for the signal's distortion. Movable induction coils replace the electromagnetic receiver element of those early circuits and are used to pick up the distorted signals and send them to the PA.

For the performance signal sources included the electrolysis of 9 clay-earth cells with electrodes of piezos and copper and the redox reaction powered by a battery of 18 earth cells; a recitation of King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream from part of John Gower's Confessio Amantis where the kingdoms of the human world are described as having conglomerated, mutated and distorted the earth; and rhyming on the subject of earth by Romain Papion aka. Cambia.

For the installation a microphone was left attached to one earth slice for the public to use, while the other was left connected to the clay-earth electrolytic circuit.

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Many thanks to APO33 for inviting and hosting me.

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