By some optical or electromagnetic freak, the intense focus of light within the stones simultaneously produced a compression of time, so that the discharge of light from the surfaces reversed the process of crystallization

J. G. Ballard, The Crystal World


three day workshop event, July 18-20, 12pm-7pm+ with final night of lo-no amp performances 8pm+

hosted by supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, Berlin, with Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan, and Jonathan Kemp.

If life itself starts from aperiodic crystals that encode infinite futures within a small number of atoms, then the digital crystallization of the flesh by Capital limits these futures to the point of exhaustion. Recrystallization begins with the double premise that if computers and the minerals from which they are made are considered equally crystalline, then the decrystallization of the digital through positive feedback disrupts and escalates entropy through their structures and forward into their present pathology, Capital.

Three sets of concurrent, feedbacking play and activities across three days:

1] Attempting to recover minerals and metals (including copper, gold and silver) from abandoned computers through execution of various volatile and chemical processes

2] The re-crystallisation of these minerals in novel arrays using raw/renditioned mineral assemblies including piezoelectrics, positive feedback, colloidal dispersions

3] The re-purposing and embedding of components and structures within wider geological and geophysical systems

The final day of the workshop will be followed by silver/gold drinks and public lo-no amp performances.

Workshop capacity limited to 12 Fee 30€ (covering material costs)



Participants take part at own risk: workshops include high heat and highly toxic processes - some safety gear provided and experiments conducted outside so gas masks not essential (but please bring mask/goggles/labcoat or similar if you have)

For an overview of processes go to:resource

For bibliographic reference go to: reference

Documentation of Workshops

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