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Impressionistic documentary video of decrystallization a 2-day workshop with Jonathan Kemp and Ryan Jordan, held in London, May 27th - May 28th 2011 to examine computer materiality, e-waste, cybernetic feedback and entropy.

If life starts from aperiodic crystals that encode infinite futures within a small number of atoms, then the digital crystallization of the flesh by capital limits futures to the point of exhaustion.

If computers and the minerals from which they are made are considered as equally crystalline, then their decrystallization is only possible through the introduction of vigorous and noisy positive feedback loops.

The workshop began from the premise that the decrystallization of the digital through positive feedback disrupts and escalates entropy through such crystalline systems. Mindful that such activities can also be used to consolidate capital through the use of stolen negentropic energies, the 2nd day of the workshop investigated the re-vivification of computation's raw minerals through mutation and irregular assemblage by participants for a final night of salon performances.

with thanks to Nihal Yesil for video footage

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