Suppose a system consists of two containers holding a total of 10 blue molecules and 10 red molecules. There is only one way in which the molecules can be arranged so that all 10 blue ones are in one container, and all 10 red ones are in the other. On the other hand, there are a very large number of ways we can arrange to have 5 of each color in each container

Entropic View of Computation in Mead, C., Conway, L., Introduction to VSLI Systems, (Reading, Mass.: Addison Wesley, 1980), p. 366

If life starts from aperiodic crystals that encode infinite futures within a small number of atoms, then the digital crystallization of the flesh by capital limits futures to the point of exhaustion. The workshop begins from the premise that the decrystallization of the digital through positive feedback disrupts and escalates entropy through such systems. Mindful that such activities can also be used to consolidate capital through the use of stolen negentropic energies, the 2nd day of the workshop will investigate the re-vivification of computation's raw minerals through mutation and irregular assemblage by participants.

decrystallization 2-day workshop at nohup with Ryan Jordan and Jonathan Kemp, followed by an evening of gold/silver drinks and lo-no amp performances

11am-late Fri. May 27th and 12pm-late Sat. May 28th

nohup 38-40 Upper Clapton Rd, London, E5 8BQ

Workshop is now full - please email j_at_xxn_org_uk for information on future workshops

As Simple as Fragile

Day One Workshop

decrystallizing the computational

participants will recycle pcb's/IC/pins/connectors for minerals including copper/gold/silver/platinum/palladium

Day Two Workshop

escaping the pathology of the crystal

participants will create raw/renditioned mineral assemblies using piezoelectrics, positive feedback, colloidal dispersions

end of workshop will be followed by gold/silver drinks and lo-no amp performances


Adrian Scrivener; Alejandro Fernandez; Amanda Couch; Eve Fainke Ewa Justka; Fabianne Borges Felix de Bousies; Heath Bunting; Marco Phillips; Martin Howse; Nihal Yesil; Pete Evans; Richard Elliot; Stuart Childs


Participants take part at own risk: workshops include high heat and highly toxic processes - some safety gear provided and experiments conducted outside so gas masks not essential (but please bring mask/goggles/labcoat or similar if you have)

For an overview of processes go to:resource

For bibliographic reference go to: reference


Documentation of Workshops



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also see Recrystallization

artwork Nihal Yesil, As Simple as Fragile, 2004. Slide projection.

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