Even Salon presents Anti-Natural at the Apiary, 07.11.2015

piss(on)logic w. Martin Howse for infoCRASH@STWST48, Linz, Austria, 03-07.09.2015

earth code/code litany workhops and durational event, Hobart, Tasmania, 24-28.08.2015

rare earth - heavy metal, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne, 20 August 2015 images video

On Tremulation, Energies in the Arts conference (13-15.08.2015) in Sydney, Australia.

Geological field trip, Cornwall July 2015 documentation

Telluro-geo-psycho-modulator workshop and Epping Forest field trip, Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Park, London, 02-03.05.2015.
Background Documentation

The Crystal World, chapter in Experiencing the Unconventional - new materials of artists, eds. Adamatzky, A and Schubert-Minski, T. World Scientific. April 2015

Pitch Drop, article in Issue 4.2 / Continent, March 2015

Stack, Frame, Heap, w. Martin Howse, essay in Plants, Androids, and Operators - A Post Media Handbook, Mute February 2015

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