The Crystal World Open Laboratory at The White Building, London 17 July - 21 July 2012 and The Crystal World Exhibition 03 August - 01 September 2012. Mute Review, 19.09.12; Mute Article 26.09.12; Furtherfield Review, 18.10.2012.

Recrystallization at Festival Belluard Bollwerk International, Fribourg, Switzerland, 05-07.07.2012

Metareciclagem, Ubatuba, Brazil 25-27.05.2012 documentation

Thinking Matter, Dept. of Philosophy, Universidade de Brasilia, Brasilia 24.05.2012 documentation

SET, Gustavo Maia Souza and Jonathan Kemp, Nano, Rio de Janeiro 15.05.2012

Tecnomagias, Nuvem, Vale do Pav√£o, Brazil, 10-13.05.2012 documentation

The Politics of Experience nohup, London, 12.04.2012 Crystal World radio show 26.02.2012

Abject Bloc, radio show 21.02.2012

The Crystal World Open Laboratory at ctm12, Berlin, 30.01-04.02.2012, exhibition 05-19.02.2012, documentation reviews/articles

In/compatible Material at Transmediale12, Berlin 01.02.2012 incompatible_images


noise=noise @ the luna park Sat. 08.12.12 at Luna Park, London - perf. w. microwaves

experimental communication system at Piksel12, Norway, 22-25.11.2012 video

Live material noise at Unconscious Archives, Cafe Oto, London. 09.10.2012 documentation

Live material noise atNoiseNoise at ICA, London. 14.07.2012 documentation

Tortured computing and live chemical-material performances, Plano B, Rio de Janeiro, 18.05.2012 documentation

noise=noise.theory event, London, 19.01.2012 the_dulling_of_greasy_eyes_and_moons_in_the_red_putrid_mud archive

nohup @ noise=noise, London. 16.12.2011 etruscan torture computing

noise=noise: the opening London. 26.08.2011 live chemical-material noise documentation

Stoy Pa Landet Noise Festival, Trondheim. 22-24.07.2011 live chemical-material noise documentation

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