liquid-state-machine workshop at Transmediale.11, Berlin. 25.01-06.02.2011 lsm_notes


ecosex_barcelona, CCCB, Barcelona. 29.06.2011 live chemical-material noise images video (between 16.00-17.28min && 21.56-22.15min )

nohup performance night at Bow Arts Open, London. 24.06.2011 live chemical-material noise documentation

noise=noise The Ho-Hoe-Funhouse, London. 12.06.2011

etruscan at noise=noise, ]performancespace[ London. 05/05/2011

Temporary Autonomous Art 2011 London. 22.04.2011 live chemical-material noise

nohup London. 10.03.2011 live chemical-material noise documentation

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