Jonathan Kemp


Telluro-geo-psycho-modulator workshop and Epping Forest field trip, sometime soon!

2015 Stack, Frame, Heap, w. Martin Howse, in Plants, Androids and Operators: A Post-Media Handbook.pdf, Mute


Vocal Machines: Erin Sexton (CA), Portia Winters (UK), Jonathan Kemp (UK) Hundred Years Gallery 13 Pearson Street London E2 8JD. 29.11.2014.recording

After the Circuits Died: Exploring electronic waste Inside Out Festival Open Session/Discussion, Sunday October 26th 2014 10-6pm Art Studio, V&A Museum, London documentation

 Photo:Bruno ViannaContributor, The Destruction Laboratory, Nuvem, Estação Rural de Arte e Tecnologia, for Largo das Artes, Rio, Brazil 06.09.2014

Telluro-geo-psycho-modulator Avebury Trip w. Martin Howse and Ryan Jordan, June 2014 documentation

jonathan-kemp-topology-1.jpg Pedunculated Fandango Mute article June 2014

AMRO Linz, Austria 27-31 May 2014 documentation

Psychotronic Reactors workshop/performance w. Ryan Jordan, March 15th, Nottingham Images

respondent, Critical Infrastructure, Transmediale Afterglow 31.01.2014 response

Taking Care of Things, Univ. of Leuphana, Lüneburg, Germany, 15 - 18th January 2014 Image_stream

Life vs Object Residency, PostMediaLab, University of Leuphana, Germany, August 2013-January 2014

PhD Thesis: The Crystal World: Executing a new media materialism Univ. Westminster.pdf, British Library (194mb) July 2013


the geology of computers

periodic processing

computer earth


The Crystal World

Artifical Fulgurites

The Suffolk Psychogeophysics Summit

The London Psychogeophysics Summit reader


forthcoming Chapter: The Crystal World in “Experiencing the Unconventional - new materials of artists”, eds. Adamatzky, A and Schubert-Minski, T. World Scientific.

2015 Stack, Frame, Heap, w. Martin Howse, in Plants, Androids and Operators: A Post-Media Handbook.pdf, Mute

2014 Pedunculated Fandango Mute article

2014 contributor to Proto-Tools 1, transcripts of Proto-Tools @ FlatTimeHouse

2013 Experimental Communication System w. Ryan Jordan in The Metamorphoses of the Virtual – 100 Years of Art and Freedom (p.35+)

2012 The Crystal World, w. Martin Howse, Mute, London

2012 Decrystallization/Descristalização in Peixe Morto (Submidialogias)

2010 exquisite_code collaborative software novel, project_video

2008 xxxxx_peenemünde

2006 [the] xxxxx [reader]

archive (incl. performance)

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