Lick the Silence, Merdre, Tokyo 08.10.17 outdoor performance

artists talk, Tama Art University, Tokyo 03.07.2017

Decay Performance event Sunday 30.04.2017 Higure 17-15 cas, Tokyo - performance with Yui Nakamura

Two day Earth Observatory Array (EOA) workshop Saturday 29 April 11:00-19:00, Sunday 30 April 11:00-18:00 FREE, hosted by Higure 17-15cas
Part of Shift Register Details: CALL and background TOKYO READER

artists talk, Tokyo Metropolitan University 13.04.2017

Ftarri performance, Tokyo, 25.03.2017 audio

MATTER FICTIONS exhibition, Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon 04.05 - 21.08.16

Even Salon: either/or, Apiary, 30.04.2016

Ftarri_Sakura Sakura_performance Ftarri Tokyo, with Hohi Ikeda, 10.04.2016

image:julien_ottaviresidency at APO33, Nantes, France 14-28.01.2016: workshop 20-21.01.2016; performance 28.01.16; installation 28.01-21.02.2016 documentation/howtos/performance_video




The Crystal World

Artifical Fulgurites

The Suffolk Psychogeophysics Summit

The London Psychogeophysics Summit reader

black earth farmer cycling the technologised earth through the body

sun on earth In the return to the catastrophic and tragic, whether in valorizing the lot of the dispossessed, celebrating a vibrant polity for a
planet conspired against, or to reaffirm ‘a supreme danger that yokes together humans and things’, artists have torn through the technological to
expose primitive electro-mineral substrates, reconfigure protean energies, and exemplify distributive agencies as more complex and less contingent
than anything otherwise deemed universal. In all these operations, we may hint at something of the planetary boundaries within which humanity should
be expected to safely execute, the back story to the anthropocene, or make sensible where any such transgression effects non-linear and abrupt changes
across local and planetary-scale systems. However, in the face of such anthropogenic dramaturgy, the question remains: how might any new technical
aesthetic make space for other energies flowing between heaven, psyche and earth? (On tremulation 2015)

the geology of computers




2017 Shift Register TOKYO READER

2016 Rare Metal Martini in Even Salon: Anti-Natural

2015 The Crystal World in Experiencing the Unconventional - new materials of artists, eds. Adamatzky, A and Schubert-Minski, T. World Scientific. April 2015

2015 Pitch Drop, in Issue 4.2 / Continent, March 2015

2015 Stack, Frame, Heap, w. Martin Howse, in Plants, Androids, and Operators - A Post Media Handbook.pdf, Mute

2014 Pedunculated Fandango Mute article

2014 contributor to Proto-Tools 1, transcripts of Proto-Tools @ FlatTimeHouse

2013 Experimental Communication System w. Ryan Jordan in The Metamorphoses of the Virtual – 100 Years of Art and Freedom (p.35+)

2013 PhD Thesis: The Crystal World: Executing a new media materialism Univ. Westminster.pdf, British Library (194mb) July 2013

2012 The Crystal World, w. Martin Howse, Mute, London

2012 Decrystallization/Descristalização in Peixe Morto (Submidialogias)

2010 exquisite_code collaborative software novel, project_video

2008 xxxxx_peenemünde

2006 [the] xxxxx [reader]

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